Sunday, 13 January 2013

About me

Hi guys. I'm a Java programmer, who always want to make games.  My first game like project was a  simple football match simulator In Java, with 2D visualization by HTML5 + CANVAS + GWT:

I was researching how can I make cool 3D visualization using Java and found out that would be a way of pain. Then I decide to use some of game engines and found Unity is something I was looking for. My goals are to learn Unity, create small games with it, and make 3D view for my football simulator.
On this blog I want to show my experiments with learning Unity from the beginning.

So how to start.
After downloading unity4, I opened example project (AngryBots), play with it and think: ok how to begin?
I found that the best sources to learn are Official Manual and  Free Video Course.
Interesting think is also Unity cheat sheet  which is "collection of Unity doc links based on team member role". Then I create this blog, and start with manual..

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